What keeps you up at night? What issue are you wrestling with when the “committee” starts meeting in your mind at three in the morning and you can’t get back to sleep? That’s what we help you solve. DRG&A provides counsel and strategies to help accomplish goals.

Whether you’re looking for the right strategy, frustrated about dealing with pesky media, or looking for the right messages or tone for a speech, DRG&A can give you ideas, strategies, and solutions.

Gilbert defines experience as, “The great teacher who tells you to never do that again, do it again only better, or take the big leap of faith – the risk is worth it.” Gilbert and his associates chart strategic courses that make sense and get results. DRG&A provides senior level counseling to corporations, companies, associations, units of government, non-profits and individuals. Gilbert’s extensive experience has made him politically astute and a savvy advisor.


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