Run your home on a balanced budget? If so, Crunch this!

Most of us run our homes on a balanced budget – because we have to. Otherwise, bankers and debt collectors are breathing down our necks to make those payments, even at highly inflated interest rates.

Government, as we know all to well, dances to a different beat. The Fed prints more money or relies on other red ink absorbing tricks to stay afloat. The State of Illinois, on the other hand, raises taxes, lets bills slide at avalanche speed or stiff former employees’ hard-earned pensions. And we keep re-electing the same crew that’s sailing our boat over the fiscal cliff.

Look out below! Illinois is now only $8 billion-plus in the red.

But Crain’s Chicago Business, that now-you-hate ‘em now-you-love ‘em feisty business mag, is giving you a shot at bringing Illinois’ sinking budget back to the surface at  http://illinoisbudget.chicagobusiness.com/calculator — a crafty do-it-yourself state budget-balancer.

Give it a whirl. It may not be as hard as Springfield’s leaders try to make us think it is. Yes, we’ll have to do without some things. But Johnny can’t always play travel baseball or Susie might forego sleepover summer camp if we can’t make ends meet at home. Or maybe our kids will have to look at a local junior college instead of ivy-covered walls to further their studies.

Something’s gotta give.  What’s in Illinois’ wallet?

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